Posted October 01, 2016  

Federal Impact Aid Survey   

On Friday, September 30, 2016, your child will bring home a Federal Impact Aid Survey form. Please assist us by filling out the information requested on the form and return it to your child's teacher.

The U.S. Department of Education has now requested a separate survey form for each child, the complete address of the Parent/Guardian's Employer if they work on Federal Property, the complete address of the Federal Property on which they work, and each survey form must be
signed and dated by the Parent/Guardian. 

If needed, additional forms may be obtained from the school or downloaded from the AACPS website ( under Students, Forms. The Federal Impact Aid Survey form for 2016-2017 will be available to download on September 30, 2016. We will also be using our Connect-Ed Automated Telephone Notification System to remind everyone about the significance of completing and returning this survey. The school system receives approximately $2 million in funding from the Federal government in support of our children after the forms are processed.