Welcome to 4th grade



Hannah Radi 

Brandy Ridpath 

Blake Schlaich 

 Jackie Torrelli


Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

Welcome to the fourth grade! Fourth graders will participate in a variety of classroom experiences to expand their love of learning and to develop their academic and social skills. The following will give you a brief overview of the coming year.

The fourth grade students will participate in the following field trips:

Historic St. Mary’s City Extended Day, November 2013 | Arlington Echo Overnight, April 2014


Language Arts Units of Study   Units of Study - Math
  • Continue to work on developing fluency and learning new vocabulary.

  • Read increasingly complex fiction and non-fiction selections using reading strategies: summarizing, predicting, visualizing, monitoring and clarifying, making connections, asking questions, and monitoring and adjusting reading speed.

  • Refine writing skills to communicate knowledge using arguments to analyze topics or texts. Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences.

  • Pursue personal and collaborative inquiry through study and research.   

  • Use knowledge of language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, or listening.

  • Problem Solving

  Number and Operations of multi-digit whole numbers
• Generalize place value understanding
• Add, subtract, multiply, and divide multi-digit whole numbers
Number and Operations of fractions
• Understand fraction equivalence
• Add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers
• Multiply a fraction by a whole number
• Understand decimal notation
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
• Solve multi-step word problems
• Generate and analyze patterns
• Draw and identify lines and angles
• Classify shapes by properties
Measurement and Data
• Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements
• Represent and interpret data
Parents may access additional materials and activities to be used at home on the PearsonSuccessNet.com website. and First in Math at www.firstinmath.com  





Units of Study - Social Studies

Maryland's Geography: A Study of Where We are
Maryland's Story: The Story of How Maryland was Founded
A Divided Maryland: The Study of Maryland at War
Growth & Change in Maryland: The Study of the Impact of Immigration & Innovation
Maryland Today

Units of Study - Science

Life Science:

  • Classification

  • Adaptation and Survival

  • Interaction of Organisms

Physical Science:

  • Perimeters of Matter

  • Magnetism and Electricity


Earth/Space Science:

  • Weather Patterns

  • Weathering and Erosion

  • Sun and Stars