Welcome to 5th Grade


Stacey Coppock 

Kate Lepovsky

Courtney Ross 

   Meredith Weiss


Dear Fifth Grade Parent,

Welcome to grade five! Students in fifth grade participate in a variety of classroom experiences to expand their love of learning and develop their academic, social and physical skills. The following descriptions present a brief overview of the comprehensive program.

The fifth grade students will participate in several field trips including:

  • Drownproofing

  • Biztown

  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Grade 5 Goals Students will...

Continue to develop fluency and vocabulary
Read fiction and non-fiction selections
Refine writing skills
Pursue personal and collaborative inquiry through research.

Language Arts

The language arts program in the fifth grade is designed to teach students the content of language and literature and extend and refine their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Students refine the use of these skills to learn content in other disciplines such as science, social studies, mathematics, and the arts. Students in the fifth grade read a wide range of texts for a variety of purposes using Treasures, novels, National Geographic, and Time for Kids. They explore the genres of realistic and historical fiction, poetry, fables, drama, biography, folklore, mystery, and fantasy. Students in fifth grade learn to write more effectively and understand what they read at increasingly difficult levels. Students practice their reading skills through the use of the published reading series as well as through novels, magazines, newspapers, and textbooks in all content areas.



Social Studies



U.S. History (Exploration – 1790) Earth & Environmental Science Numbers and Operations
Exploration Mechanics & Thermodynamics Problem Solving
Colonization Electricity, Magnetism & Wave Interactions Geometry
American Revolution Chemistry Measurement
U.S. Government STEM Probability, Statistics, and Graphing


Parents may access additional materials and activities to be used at home on the PearsonSuccessNet.com website. Ask the teacher for the username and password