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Miss. Cook  

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This year, Miss Cook and Mrs. Degenhard will use a vast array of mediums to teach your students about art.  On a typical day in the art room you will see students making 3D projects, learning to paint using watercolors and tempera paints, drawing using pencils, oil pastels and watercolor crayons. 

Some of our students will be eligible to participate in all-county competition and Art Exhibit during the school year.





Dec. 1, 2012-Jan. 3, 2013...

Winter Wonderland | BOE-Dr. Carol S. Parham Building | Artist Reception will be on December 19th from 5-7 pm.
Feb. 8, 2013-May 3.2013 … Many Ways of Seeing | BOE-Dr. Carol S. Parham Building
Mar. 1-Apr 1, 2013… Youth Art Month | Severna Park Library
TBA… Art Through the Ages | Severna Park HS
May 1-16, 2013… Annapolis Westfield Mall
May 7,2013… Annual Spring Arts gathering FMES




Students will be bringing home an Artsonia Report that will give parents activities to do with their child's artwork, such as finishing up the parent account, approving comments, setting up the student fan clubs, and more. If you have not yet activated your account, this slip will provide you with instructions (including the child's security key) on how to confirm you are the parent or legal guardian. Go to www.artsonia.com or follow the link on the slip that came home


Art Room Principles

The art department is designed around art elements and art principles.  All of our projects are to incorporate most of the following:

  • The elements are: line, shape, color, texture, space, and form. 

  • The principles include: pattern, balance, contrast, unity, variety, rhythm, movement, and emphasis.   

Miss Cook and Mrs. Degenhard use a vast array of different mediums (which is the material used) to teach students about art.  A typical day in the art room you will see students making 3D projects using clay, paper Mache, plaster of Paris, or 3D cut paper projects.  Students also learn to paint using watercolors and tempera paints.  You will find students drawing some days, not only using pencils but also oil pastels and watercolor crayons.  There are projects where students will make cut paper collages and decorate with tissue paper or glitter.  Remarkably students also love basic craft projects like weavings and sewing.  Other days we might be printmaking using rubber prints, Styrofoam prints, or recycled utensils like film cases.  If we are not in the room, check in the computer lab because we also create computer graphic art.  So please come on by and see what your child is doing in art.  Don’t forget…this year’s art show with every single students work will be held in May.

With all this in mind, our art education program will teach your child to:

  • Develop, express, and evaluate ideas
  • Produce, read, and interpret visual images in an increasingly visually-oriented world
  • Recognize and understand the artistic and cultural achievement of societies.

The art room can always use your old trash and turn it into your child’s treasure.  Things we are looking to collect are:  brown paper bags, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls, plastic containers and lids, wide mouth yogurt cups, Gerber baby food plastic containers with lids, frozen juice cans, gallon ice cream containers with lids, ribbon, yarn, beads, feathers, Clorox wipes, heavy aluminum foil, stickers, stamps, coffee creamer bottles, 1lb coffee cans, clear containers "Bentiful" with lids.