Welcome to Kindergarten

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Teresa Brant  

Molly Hudson

Beth Mulford

Suzanne Philip

Matthew Walter

Teaching Assistants: Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Drenner, and Mrs. Rosenbaum 


Our field trips this year are:


  • Clark's Elioak Farm

  • Chesapeake Center for the Performing Arts

  • Camp Woodlands

  • Scales and Tales - In house field trip from Department of Natural Resources





Our Curriculum:


The Kindergarten grade curriculum is divided into 4 major themes, and within each theme there are units of study. Each day begins with an exploration question. Students are given multiple opportunities throughout the school day to revisit that question through:

  • Morning Mission Launch

  • Science/Social Studies
  • Interactive Read Aloud
  • Shared Reading
  • Math


Language Arts


Math Topics of Study

  • The Power of Me:

- I Am 

- I Belong

- I Need

  • The Power of Us:

- We are Here 

- We Move

  • The Power of Our World:

- Living in Our World 

- Patterns in Our World

  • The Power of Possibilities:

- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
- We Can Change the World
- I Can Change the World

  • Teaching Drawing

  • Introducing Writer’s Workshop

  • Growth Mindset

  • Letters/Words/Sentences

  • Labeling

  • Using Spacing

  • Punctuation

  • Questions and Speech Bubbles

  • Retelling, Sequencing Events

  • Narrative Writing

  • How-To-Books

  • Opinion Writing

  • Illustrations

  • Point of View (Fiction

  • Informational Text

  • Finds and names Shapes

  • Identifies Shapes

  • Positional Words

  • Identifies, Compares, analyzes, and constructs 2D and 3D shapes

  • Counts objects in a set 1-20 when asked “how many?”

  • Counts to 100 by ones starting at a given number

  • Fluently adds and subtracts within 5

  • Solves addition and subtraction word problems within 10

  • Is able to compose and decompose numbers using to ten ones and some further ones

  • Decompose numbers 1-10


Social Studies

Recycling/Green School

  • Weather & Sky

  • Moving Right Along

  • Our Earth, Our Home

  • Exploring Matter

  • Plants

  • Animals

  • MSDE PTD-All about Attributes

  • Trees are Terrific

  • Becoming a Community of Learners

  • Understanding Myself and Others

  • Becoming a Citizen

  • Collects and categorizes data for recycling collection

  • Develops a plan to reduce the amount of trash around the school.