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Stacking Tournament

On Saturday, April 5th, Folger McKinsey will be hosting a sport stacking tournament and all of our proceeds will be given to our school’s PTO. Even if you have a child who did not participate in our speed stacking club, if they are interested in stacking, they are still able to do so (all participants should be able to complete the “cycle” stack). See/download Information Packet

What Exactly is “Physical Education”?

Many people still hold onto the belief that Physical Education is a place where students arrive with the objective of “having fun with sports” and “letting off some steam.”  Although PE does provide an environment where students can excel in such a manner, today’s programs have so much more to offer our students.  When considering that all school systems nationwide are being held at a high level of accountability for developing the critical thinkers of tomorrow, Physical Education plays an essential role in facilitating total student development.  Here at Folger McKinsey Elementary, all PE lessons and activities are designed to incorporate at least one of the following concepts mentioned below:


·         Developing proficient motor skills and movement patterns among all students


Whether teaching the critical cues of making an overhand throw or the execution of many locomotor movements, students will have the opportunity to practice and fine-tune their motor skills so that they may find success at the next level.


·         Integrating outside subject matter into the Physical Education curriculum


In order to master how some activities are played or how some movements are performed, outside subject matter is often integrated into the PE curriculum, even when students do not realize it.  A brief example may include integrating math concepts into a lesson when teaching students how to find and compare the results of their resting and active heart rates.


·         Advocating students to find the enjoyment and importance of personal fitness for a lifetime


Although it’s important for students to enjoy activity during Physical Education, students must realize that they may find enjoyment in physical activity for a lifetime, regardless of their interests, talents, or abilities.  It’s also very important for students to realize that physical activity on a regular basis is one tremendous contributor for creating long, productive, and healthy lifestyles!


A Positive Environment with Strong Character Values

Although the development of a wide range of motor skills is very important across all grade levels, both Mr. Smith and Mrs. Anthony strive to instill in all students the significance of demonstrating strong character values during play through peer interactions.  Games and activities are organized so that a positive environment is established which promotes team collaboration, sportsmanship, integrity and mutual trust among all individuals on an everyday basis.


Following the Rules in Physical Education

During the first week of school, classroom rules are and expectations are discussed with all students.  No matter which grade level, students are expected to understand and abide by the “ABCD” rules for the remainder of the school year.  They are as follows: 


Act Safely

Be Prepared Be Positive

Cooperate with Everyone

Do Your Best 


Living by “The Golden Rule”

Often times before engaging in activity, students participate in open discussions where important characteristics are discussed as a group.  It is essential that students realize “the big picture” in physical education.  Not only is it beneficial for students to contribute in a positive way during class, but it’s also important that all students are challenged to apply what it means to be positive influences outside of Physical Education.  Students are always encouraged to live by “The Golden Rule” through treating others how they would like to be treated!



In grades 1-5, all students receive a specific grade in physical education that summarizes their progress over the course of each marking period.  At the conclusion of each marking period, grades are displayed on report cards. 

Although a small percentage of each student’s overall grade is taken from their ability to perform an array of movement patterns and physical skills, the majority of all grade percentages are comprised from the following key things:

Values and the meanings for these grades are as follows:



“Continually Displays”   

Student has consistently demonstrated achievement at the highest level of competency for all grading criteria in PE




Student has demonstrated on many occasions the ability to achieve at a high level of competency in PE, however, still has some improvements to make



“Needs Improvement”

Student is in need of trying harder so that they may achieve at a high level in PE according to the stated grading criteria


Students in Kindergarten will receive general comments on their progress reports from Mr. Smith and Mrs. Anthony at the conclusion of each marking period regarding their comprehensive progress in Physical Education


Need More Information?

As always, if you would like more information in regards to the Physical Education program here at Folger McKinsey Elementary, or if you have any further inquiries of any kind, please feel free to contact Mr. Smith or Mrs. Anthony.  Our e-mail addresses are provided at the top of this webpage!